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All about laminate flooring

For stunning, budget-friendly flooring that captures the beauty of hardwood or tile, there’s no better choice than laminate. Laminate flooring has always had a great wear factor, but today's laminate manufacturers have truly captured the look and feel of real hardwood, tile, and natural stone. At Pucher's, we carry top-quality laminate wood, tile, and stone styles at affordable prices. Versatile and resilient, laminate flooring will add style and value to your home.




Need some inspiration before shopping for laminate flooring? Take a look at our laminate inspiration gallery! See how laminate can beautify your home and explore different styles before making your selection.


Some of our brands we love

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Classic Wood & Tile Looks

Shaw laminates use less newly harvested wood than conventional hardwoods and feature our exclusive OptiCore—an environmentally friendly laminate flooring core board that's strong, stable, and moisture-resistant.