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All about area rugs

For spreading personality around a room, the area rug has few rivals. What could be more elegant than an heirloom quality oriental area rug atop a gleaming hardwood floor, or more charming than a handcrafted area rug on timeworn pine planks? In a myriad of styles and prices, versatile area rugs set the mood and more. Beyond beauty, area rugs bring softness and warmth to any hard-surface floor, instantly infuse color and pattern into a space, and make comely coverups for soiled or damaged carpet. Area rugs are great unifiers, sparking entire color schemes. One of the best decorating strategies is to use area rugs to define specific activity centers within a room, especially important in large rooms and in today's flowing, open-plan homes. For example, let one area rug set boundaries for a conversation area and another area rug outline a dining spot. Area rugs can be used alone or in conjunction with carpet. If you're interested, we can make beautiful custom area rugs from any carpet style we offer.




Need some inspiration before shopping for an area rug? No problem! Take a look at our area rug inspiration gallery to see area rugs doing what they do best—adding color and personality to any room!