8 Reasons to Hire a Decorator

8 reasons to hire a decoratorYour home is a reflection of who you are. As such, when you decorate your home, always put your best foot forward. That’s often easier said than done, as there are times when even your best efforts fall short of the mark. That’s where a decorator can make a huge difference. A decorator has the expertise and ability to tie things together, to mix and match, to coordinate and blend and ultimately to find the style that ties in perfectly with your ideas.

At Pucher’s, we feel strongly about the benefits of using our decorator services for your home project. A decorator can pull your project together and add special touches that will not only look terrific, but will ultimately save you money. Our staff is accustomed to working with clients and utilizing items that reflect the latest trends in those special touches that make a difference. A decorator can help by showing you how to proceed with your project or to coordinate your efforts and manage your time. A decorator can be a valuable asset and your best friend during your decorating phase. Here are eight ways how:

 1. Manage Your Budget and Save Money

A decorator can help you avoid costly mistakes that will cost you dollars to correct or assist in choosing the right color combinations, perfect carpet, draperies, wallpaper and accent features. Whatever it is, wrong choices will cost you extra to replace or redo.

 2. The Eyes of a Professional

Decorators are involved with their craft full-time. As such, they can use their experience to your advantage. Because they are detached from your home and all its treasures, they see these items differently than you. They can find perfect settings for some of your treasured or underutilized items, which allow you to maintain a sense of continuity with some of your very special pieces.

 3. Keeping Track of Your Spending

Budgeting comes into play, not only in tracking the dollars spent, but also the time spent on your project. Locating and purchasing the various resources required to complete your project can take untold hours of your time and quickly erode your finances. A decorator is a wealth of information, a walking talking catalog of sources that have application in your decor. She knows where your purse strings are and when they need to be drawn. Consequently, she will work with those product lines that fit nicely in your price range. Often, she will have special arrangements with certain purveyors that can actually add up to more dollars saved. Plus, the decor items you end up with will not be found in the high volume shops and big box stores.

 4. A Go-Between

When your decorator and you are on the same page, she can be entrusted to handle details between your contractor and/or architect. Often these are the little details we are least prepared for: details like light fixture placement, special effects, décor arrangements and more.

5. Every Home Needs a Little OMG Sizzle In The Pot.

Decorators have made names for themselves by providing a touch of excitement to their projects. Their goal is to inspire a jaw dropping OMG reaction when people enter a room. They have ideas that we can’t imagine.

 6. Pre-Sale

Planning to sell your home? A decorator can increase your home’s desirability.  If your home is in the medium to upper price range, spending some money to freshen it may be a wise investment. An up to date look is less likely to languish on the unsold charts for months. Your decorator, along with help from one of her realtor contacts can help determine a reasonable amount to spend on the project and prevent you from going overboard with your spending.

 7. Eyes Center

If you are not sure what needs to be done to your home and consequently not certain where to begin, a decorator can give you an unbiased proposal of the situation. She can tell you what’s right and what’s wrong with your space and show you how to make the most of what you have. That should be the intent of your first meeting with a decorator from Pucher’s, painting and decorating stores in Westlake, Berea and North Royalton.

8. Discovery

When our decorator has successfully completed her job, the results should convey to the world who you are — your interests, experiences, your personality.

Among the painting and decorating stores in Westlake, Berea and North Royalton, you will find the three Pucher’s Decorating Centers. The company has made a name for itself as a leader in decorative services throughout the region. In addition to their excellent on staff decorators, the company is known for their expertise and inventory of flooring, window treatments, fabrics draperies and paint. Part of Pucher’s success and reputation can be attributed to their Free In-Store or phone consultation service. Call us today to schedule your free in-store consultation.

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