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Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds Add a Unique Elegant Touch to Any Interior’s Decor 

Wood blinds and window treatments can add a level of beauty to any home, apartment, town home, condominium or office. As versatile, beautiful window treatments, wood blinds are available in a wide array of decorative styles and color schemes.

Wood blinds offer extreme durability to any window treatment. They bring with them a unique beauty and sense of warmth to the window in the room. With a large assortment of colors and styles, a wood window blind can complement the decor of any interior. 

Wood Blinds Selection

Manufacturers craft wooden blinds out of a variety of wood species including mahogany, pecan, walnut, pine, maple, oak, and others. As a result, each wood species will produce a distinctive flair, quality and color that is truly unique. Many of the grain patterns will vary along with the fluctuating degrees of stain colors.

Each slat on the wood blind will provide a unique, distinctive character, in that there are no two blinds crafted out of wood that will present itself in the same way. As a result, every set of wood blinds is unique.


Wood blinds are also crafted in a variety of painted finishes and clear sealers. They offer a low maintenance solution as a window treatment. They simply require minimal cleaning periodically. Traditionally, natural wood cleans better than other materials including blinds fabricated out of metal and vinyl. Usually, they have the natural ability to effectively hide dirt.

Wood Blinds Longevity

Manufacturers make a full variety of wood blinds, because the natural wooden product tends to last long. When properly installed and maintained, they can resist moisture, warping, twisting and bending. In all, wooden blinds can last years or decades. 

Light Blocking Properties

The density of wooden blinds tends to block out penetrating sunlight significantly better than other materials including metal, vinyl, and faux wood. The wood will naturally absorb much of the heat of the sun, and the finish will reflect the light away. Wood blinds are also highly resistant to ultraviolet rays.

Wood blinds can produce a natural appearance to the interior of any room. It offers a sense of graceful charm and can be customized in a variety of shades, colors, stains and shapes. Certain manufacturers offer optional features including motorized operation. They can be customized to accentuate any room’s decor.


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