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Picking The Right Window Treatments

What Treatments Are Right for My Windows?

Should your new window treatments be drapes, panels, blinds, shades or curtains? The choices are endless but the ideal window treatment can create a significant transformation for your room.  When selecting the perfect window treatments for your interior, there are a few things that can help you narrow down the selection to create the perfect feel for your home.  The room’s purpose and decor, along with the function of the window and the need for privacy should all be considered. 

  • The Room’s Purpose – When making the right selection, it is important to take notice that the window treatments throughout the home do not have to match. As the purpose of each room changes, so can the window dressings. Heavy drapes work well in media rooms, blackout curtains, shades for well-lit bedrooms, and any room on the first floor might require extensive privacy shades to provide a level of solitude when necessary. 

  • The Room’s Decor – The new window dressings should always complement the decor of the room. Staying true to the décor of the room can still allow enough flexibility to show contrasts between colors, styles and designs. Contemporary rooms might do better with lighter, muted shades and metallic fabrics, where Victorian-style decor, fixtures and furniture might require something more traditional. 

  • The Main Function of the Window – If the window is serving as the main source to provide light to the room, or enhances the room’s experience by providing a spectacular view, the function of the opening will help dictate the best treatment for the space. If the window will be used as the main source for creating a cross breeze, or it needs to hide the view, it’s important to always consider the function of the window. 

  • Interior Space Privacy – Whether the room is a bathroom, bedroom, or has access to the street, there are all different reasons to create privacy within the interior space. Creating privacy does not necessarily mean selecting heavy curtains or shades. Privacy linings, blackout curtains and other window treatments can quickly and easily maintain a comfortable space while providing privacy from the outdoors. 

Interior Shutters 

Once considered the standard window treatment in warm locations, interior shutters are now used everywhere around the country. Offering easy maintenance and elegant beauty, decorative plantation shutters can add a sense of warmth to every room. Available in various styles, and built to exact specifications, they are designed to provide maximum sun exposure when needed, or restricted light when necessary. Louvers are manufactured in various sizes to produce the best look for every room. 

Blinds and Shades 

Blinds and shades provide amazing window treatment solutions for any window opening. Available in seemingly endless choices of colors, styles, and operating systems, the treatments can enhance the room’s decor, while improving the energy efficiency of the home, and provide privacy when needed. 

Blinds are fabricated from an assortment of materials including woods and faux wood. Available in various slat sizes, the numerous additional choices include cornice and valance options manufactured from fabrics that are extremely durable. 

Shades are available in roller, sheer and cellular options and can be constructed as horizontal or vertical designs. Other additional options include shades that are pleated, fabricated from wood, and even Roman shades that have the feel and look of drapery. 

Deciding which window treatments work best for the room’s opening does not need to be complex. By choosing the best color, style, and fabric, every room can look its best.




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