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Cellular Shades

The Insulating Properties of Cellular Shades

In every home or business, a window can often be extremely problematic. Without the proper window treatments, upwards of 25% of the cooling or heating can be lost through the window opening. Because of that, it is important to seek out ways to insulate the window. The most effective way to do this is to use cellular shades.

Cellular shades, or cellular blinds, are often referred to as a honeycomb blind. They are designed as a way to effectively trap interior air inside the pockets of the shade. It is the trapped air inside the pockets that form an insulation layer that holds in the heat in the wintertime, and guards against it during summer.

In effect, the larger pocket that the cellular shade creates, the more insulation it adds to the window. Most cellular blinds offer specific R-value, or the measurement of heat resistance when covering the glass of the window. Usually, it is possible to add an R-value of four or greater on a window, where the glass is usually rated at less than one. This is a significant amount of insulation when the cellular shades are in the down position.

Style and Elegance

Although cellular shades are ideal at adding insulation to window glass, they also offer a level of elegance and style to the interior of any room. The available fabrics that are used to create the cellular blinds are available in a variety of colors and styles. Numerous types of fabric weaves are available in various thicknesses and materials, to meet the needs of every room’s decor. 

The Operation

The cellular shades are created with honeycomb or pocket designs, which are usually offered in a variety of options. These options include operating mechanisms that work from the bottom up, top-down, on a continuous cord loop, motorized, or cordless varieties. 

Light Filtering

Based on the selected material, many cellular shades offer a variety of light filtering options. Even some of the lighter colors are fabricated with the backing that can block nearly all sunrays. Some of the cellular blinds are created with blackout material including tri-laminate coatings, and Mylar foil that can prevent nearly all of the light from penetrating through the shade.

Installation of a cellular shade is a simple process. Typically, the cellular shade hardware is installed on the interior of the window opening. However, there are also installation methods including on top of the window frame, where the shade can block out nearly 100% of direct sunlight.


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