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Flooring From Pucher’s

mar292013Flooring is a necessity and too often we attempt to take some shortcuts because we are sure that will save some money. One of the most common shortcuts taken with flooring is to go with a discount provider that sells and installs the project, and who often leaves the buyer with unsatisfactory results. Naturally, this can make it likely that a property owner ends up spending even more to get the job done properly, and it could all have been avoided by simply turning to a quality vendor.

Going with Flooring from Pucher’s

Since 1928, property owners in the Cleveland, OH area have turned to Pucher’s for their flooring needs. Today, it is one of the wisest choices that could be made because the firm has decades of experience, a commitment to top of the line customer service, and an extensive array of flooring options.

For instance, you can get the most popular types of carpeting from the most trusted manufacturers, but you can also explore options in ceramic tile, laminate, vinyl, wood, and cork flooring options too. They even have high-quality area rugs as well.

Additionally, Pucher’s makes design consultation options readily available. That means that anyone confused, overwhelmed, or simply new to the process of choosing flooring and having it properly installed can turn to their expertise and knowledge.

The Complexity of Flooring

This may be oversimplifying the matter because flooring is something that demands a great deal of time, thought, planning, and attention. After all, how do you begin to measure for an installation of laminate? How do you know just which type of carpet, and which colors to choose? What about choosing the right flooring for the type of traffic that makes its way through the room?

There are those questions and dozens more to consider. Thankfully, Pucher’s has a strong team of truly experienced and talented designers who ask their clients all of the right questions in order to guide them towards the ideal choices. While they get flooring that satisfies their decor and design preferences, the flooring from Pucher’s also lives up to their needs and their goals.

Just consider, you may be renovating a home to be as eco-friendly and green as possible. Some carpeting is not that earth-friendly, and you may be entirely unaware of the best brands or materials for your goals. The Pucher team can review all of their eco-friendly, renewable, or even recyclable flooring choices and make absolutely certain the client gets all that they had hoped.

What to Expect

This means that you can anticipate getting good choices and tons of support when you choose Pucher’s flooring choices, but you also get the many benefits that this firm offers. Free measures, expert design support, a remarkable “no regrets” guarantee, free quotes, and a vast array of flooring choices are what Cleveland area clients have come to expect. This is one of the reasons that around 80% of the firm’s business is from “word of mouth” instead of standard advertising and marketing.

So, if you are in need of a worry free flooring installation, but are confused by the choices, the installation process, or the wide range of options, you can turn to flooring from Pucher’s. They are the type of firm that your friends and neighbors would recommend because of their quality and expertise. Because flooring is something that takes such a high amount of traffic and wear and tear, and because it is a major component in our homes, it is best to get quality support and to go with a firm known for providing the best product and services at the best prices.

Luxury Vinyl Tile – A Floor You Can Live On

aduratile1-resized-600Luxury vinyl tile and plank floors offer homeowners a winning combination of style, comfort and durability. 

If you’re in the market for flooring, take a look at Luxury Vinyl Tile.  LVT is one of the hottest-selling floors right now and with good reason.  It’s a real multi-tasker – attractive, functional and low-maintenance.  You get the wood or tile looks you love, plus an unbelievably durable floor.

LVT is perfect for:

  • Rooms where moisture is an issue (kitchen, bath, laundry, basement)
  • Families with kids and pets
  • High-traffic areas

I can even give it a personal endorsement.   I installed Mannington Adura vinyl tile in both of our bathrooms and couldn’t be happier with it.  First, the tile looks just like ceramic – you can see and feel the embossed stone texture.  But, unlike ceramic, the floor is soft, quiet and warm to walk on.  It’s water-resistant, so I don’t have to worry about getting it wet when I step out of the shower.  Plus, Adura has a scratch-resistant wear layer that comes with a limited 20-Year Residential Warranty.  I have dropped all sorts of stuff on it and it doesn’t chip, crack or break.  It is easy to keep clean, requiring only light sweeping and mopping.

Luxury vinyl tiles usually come in 16″ x 16″ tiles  in a variety of realistic tile, stone and slate looks.  Mannington Adura comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and includes accent tiles to help you create a custom designed floor.  LVT can be installed with or without grout.  Most LVTs can be installed over any substrate as long as it is clean, dry and smooth.  Adhesive is required.

Luxury vinyl planks are usually 4″ – 5″ wide, just like hardwood planks.  Most vinyl planks are glued down, although some companies feature quick locking products that can be easily clicked in place without glue by the do-it-yourselfer.

mannington-adura-provence-resized-600At Pucher’s Decorating we feature and can recommend the following brands of LVT as well as other vinyl flooring:

  • Adura by Mannington ($2.19 – $5.95 per sq ft)
  • Array Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank by Shaw ($1.74 – $5.07 per sqft)
  • PermaStone by Tarkett ($3.99 per sqft)

The sale prices listed are current through 9/3/11.  Whichever look you choose, we think you’ll be pleased with the style and performance of your luxury vinyl tile floor.   Tell us about your experience with LVT.

Key Takeaway:  Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) gives you the best of all worlds – realistic stone and wood looks in a floor that is comfortable underfoot with unsurpassed durability.  It is truly a floor you can live on.