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Why Choose Benjamin Moore Paints?

AURAMATTE-resized-600When it comes time to paint your house, make sure that you choose paint by Benjamin Moore.  Of all the many brands of paints available on the market today, no other brand is as widely used or trusted.  Why is that?  Because Benjamin Moore has a long history of producing warm, vibrant colors and quality products that will make any room in your house look good for years to come.  When you buy paint from them, you know that you are getting a paint that will not only look good on the paint swatch in the store, but also on the walls of your own home.  Here are just a few of the many reasons that professional painters and do-it-yourself homeowners rely on their high-quality line of interior and exterior paints.

Unbeatable Selection

No other brand offers the variety of colors that you get to choose from when you choose Benjamin Moore.  If you count their entire line of paints, you will have more than 3400 different hues to select from. They understand that when you are choosing a color for your favorite room, you don’t just want a color that is almost right, or close to what you have in mind.  No, you want exactly the right color, and that is what you will get.  As just one example of the tremendous selection you get from Benjamin Moore, their 3400 colors of paint include 164 shades of white. Imagine how many shades of red, blue, or yellow you will have to choose from!  And when you visit your local interior decoration specialist and tell them what sorts of colors you are looking for, they will be able to create for you the perfect palette of colors to choose from.

Exactly What You Want

Because of their devotion to giving customers exactly what they want, Benjamin Moore is able to match any color offered by any of their competitors.  Simply bring in a sample showing the color you have in mind, and your local home painting specialist will make a bucket of that color especially for you.  But before you get going on your painting project, Benjamin Moore wants to be sure you are entirely satisfied with the color you got.  That’s why you can request a pint-sized Color Sample of any shade you want.  Take it home and try it out. You don’t need to purchase a full-size bucket until you are totally happy with the color you have chosen.

Angie’s List Super Service Award 2011

Pucher’s Decorating Centers Earn Coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award

Award reflects businesses’ consistently high level of customer service

Pucher’s has been awarded the prestigious 2011 Angie’s List Super Service Award, an honor bestowed annually on approximately 5 percent of all the businesses rated on the nation’s leading provider of consumer reviews on local service and health providers.

“My grandfather started this business in 1928 and he always taught me that providing people with quality products and great service is the most important thing in business.  The amazing staff at our three stores -BereaN. Royalton & Westlake – live this philosophy every day and it shows in the way we treat our customers from the moment they walk in the door,” said owner Randy Pucher.  (To see what our customers are saying about Pucher’s, see our Customer Reviews.)

“Only a fraction of the businesses rated on Angie’s List can claim the sterling service record of being a Super Service Award winner because we set a high bar,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “The fact that Pucher’s can claim Super Service Award status speaks volumes about its dedication to consumers.

Angie’s List Super Service Award winners have met strict eligibility requirements including earning a minimum number of reports, an exemplary rating from their clients and abiding by Angie’s List operational guidelines.

Ratings are updated daily on Angie’s List, but members can find the 2011 Super Service Award logo next to business names in search results on AngiesList.com.

 Angie’s List collects consumer reviews on local contractors and doctors in more than 500 service categories. Currently, more than 2 million consumers across the U.S. rely on Angie’s List to help them make the best hiring decisions. Members get unlimited access to local ratings via Internet or phone, exclusive discounts, the Angie’s List magazine and help from the Angie’s List complaint resolution service. Take a quick tour of Angie’s List and view the latest Angie’s List news.

NEW at Pucher’s – Mirage Hardwood Flooring

mirage-breza-bali-resized-600Mirage – the # 1 hardwood flooring brand in North America

One look at a Mirage hardwood floor and it may ruin other flooring for you.  They’re that beautiful!  That’s how we felt when we first saw these floors.  If you want a floor that is truly distinctive, one you won’t see everywhere, you really should make a trip to Pucher’s Westlake to see our new Mirage display. Mirage wood floors are known for uniformity, stability, durability, better air quality, added value, and lifelong good looks.

Mirage has been recognized 15 times for outstanding quality, including the following:

  • Ranked 1st in quality by Floor Focus magazine in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010
  • Ranked 1st in quality by Floor Covering Weekly in 2008, 2009, and 2010
  • Received the Floor Covering News Award of Excellence in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Mirage


To experience Mirage hardwood floors for yourself, watch this video Top 10 Reasons to Choose Mirage and take a guided tour through rooms that show off Mirage’s gorgeous oaks, maple, walnut, birch and exotic hardwoods floors.  We think you’ll agree each floor is more gorgeous than the next.

One reason that Mirage floors are so distinctive is the cutting method that the company uses in producing its engineered wood planks.  Most hardwood floors are crafted using a rotary cut, but Mirage uses the dry sawn method.  The dry sawn method preserves the color variation, uniformity and natural grain beauty of the wood.  You’ll notice the difference when you see these floors.

One More Reason We Like Mirage

Mirage features beautiful exotic hardwoods like African Mahogany, Koubari and Canadian Breza (pictured, top) and they are all Lacey Act compliant.  You probably have never heard of the Lacey Act, but it definitely affects you when you buy exotic hardwood flooring.   Enacted to protect our natural rainforests, the Lacey Act Amendment of 2008 bans the import, sale and purchase of illegally sourced timber and wood products.  I think we can all agree that protecting the rainforest is a good thing.  But, if you’re shopping for an exotic hardwood floor, the burden is on you, the buyer, (as well as us, the seller) to make sure that the hardwood you buy was sourced from a company that practices responsible and sustainable logging.  According to the law, even an innocent buyer unaware of any illegal sourcing, can be subject to imprisonment, civil and criminal fines up to $200,000 and forfeiture of goods, if they purchase such a floor.    This is why Pucher’s only carries products that are Lacey Act compliant, like Mirage hardwoods.

Key Takeaway:  NEW at Pucher’s Decorating, Mirage Hardwood floors offer stunningly beautiful, quality hardwood flooring constructed of sustainable N. American and exotic hardwoods that will last a lifetime.  Visit us at Pucher’s Westlake or watch this video to learn more about Mirage.

Reasons to Buy Local

cleveland-resized-600Dear Readers,

Permit us this digression from our usual postings.  We loved this article published by Mitch Allen, President of Mimi Vanderhaven, a Northeast Ohio publication dedicated to supporting local businesses (Mimi Vanderhaven) and we wanted to share it.

If you, like me, are tired of:

  • buying products that never live up to your expectations and break or wear out before they’re even paid for
  • paying for meals at chain restaurants that offer little to no nutrition
  • settling for poor (or nonexistent) customer service from passionless employees
  • the pathetic return on our tax dollars (whoa – now there’s a whole other blog article!)

If, like me, you are more concerned about the value you’re getting for your money, believe in “quality over quantity” and like to deal with service-driven companies who are passionate about what they do, then read on and enjoy!


“We get what we ask for in life, and most of us ask for too little.”

by Mitch Allen

Since my brother’s death last year, plus the long, cold Northeast Ohio winter and my own bout with a lingering flu this spring, I have fundamentally changed how I approach the world. If I wake up in the morning, I find myself feeling grateful. If I wake up in the morning and I feel good, I’m downright giddy.

In the poem “Joy” by George Bilgere, he describes getting over the flu this way:

The baker has come back to his store
and everything smells like warm baguettes.
The children are playing in the schoolyard,
the piano bars along the river
have thrown open their doors.

As a result of my new appreciation for life and health, I’m eating a lot more ice cream. Several times each week you’ll find me at Strickland’s, Country Maid, or East Coast Frozen Custard hurriedly licking the bottom edge of a chocolate ice cream cone trying to stay one step ahead of the melting. I justify the indulgence by telling myself that every day is a blessing and you don’t know how many more ice cream cones you’re going to get. It’s unlikely anyone on their death bed ever said, “I wish I would have eaten fewer ice cream cones.”

And just this week my daughter’s father-in-law, Realtor John Lasher, shared this quote with me: “We get what we ask for in life, and most of us ask for too little.”

I like that quote a lot. And at the risk of making too quick a transition, I think many national chains become popular because we all ask for too little.

We accept poor-quality, disposable goods because we like the low price.

We accept the fact that our new DVD player will break before the end of the year because it only cost $29.95.

We accept the bland sauces offered by most chain restaurants because we have come to expect lots of added sugar and salt to dazzle our taste buds without relying on the genuine flavors of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices.

We accept invitations from all kinds of companies to deduct $20 from our checking accounts each month even though we did not use their services.

In general, we accept too many people in line and too few stars in the sky.

At the end of the day, we like what’s familiar more than we like what’s best. What’s familiar makes us feel safe. I once said to a college professor, “I know what I like.” The professor replied, “No. You like what you know.”

For eight years now, we at Mimi Vanderhaven have been encouraging our readers to explore the unknown, to try local businesses with unfamiliar names. Often you write us thank you notes expressing your appreciation for introducing you to a new favorite business. Occasionally you write us far less flattering letters, questioning why we wrote about that place.

Either way, we like to think we’re doing our job.

If every day is a blessing, why do we dine and shop at the same places over and over again? If we only have number of ice cream cones left to enjoy, why would we buy one so regularly from Dairy Queen instead of branching out to some of Northeast Ohio’s many local ice cream shops and creameries?

For me, life is no longer about comfortably enjoying the same things. Inherent in that is the danger that I am asking for too little. Instead, I’m now going to ask for more—and occasionally be disappointed in what I get. But that’s okay.

The phrase, “Honey, let’s go out to eat” is not simply an invitation to secure convenient nutrition. It also represents the opening line of a grand adventure.

I thank my brother for teaching me that.