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Prepare Your Home For the Holidays

Pucher's Decorating CentersWith the holidays approaching, you are probably dreaming of getting your home cleaned, organized and ready for the splendor that awaits. The reality of the situation can also be frightening, though, as you look around your home and begin a check list of all that needs to happen. 

If you are worried about bringing your current state of chaos into focus for the holidays, some of the following home decorating ideas can help. You can take control and make your home look spectacular this coming holiday season in by visiting a Pucher’s store in Berea, Westlake and North Royalton. Instead of stressing out about what you are going to do, you can take control with a few simple tips and tricks to spruce your home and prepare for a joyous holiday season. 

Focusing Your Attention on Organizing and Cleaning 

Every week tackle a single room or area by applying four key skills to organize your home – eliminate clutter, organize, clean and plan for the holiday decorating touches that will make your home  look amazing. In the early stages of the plan, focus on your personal spaces, which make it easier to plan for the approaching season and give you the organized space you’ll need for decorations, craft gifts, wrapping and Christmas card writing. 

With Thanksgiving Day coming closer, storage areas and food preparation areas should be the main focus to help plan the menu, bake treats and cook delicious meals for the family to enjoy. By the time December rolls around, the focus shifts to organizing public spaces and going through a final cleaning phase. By the middle of the month, your home will be cleaned, organized and ready for everyone to enjoy the holidays. 

Once the holiday season is over, get a jump on organizing your space for the New Year by debriefing, storing your decorations and noting things you’d like to remember for the celebration next year while it is fresh in your mind.  

Decorating the Space Should be Enjoyable 

Holidays mean a time of love and celebration with your friends and family but it can also be stressful if you are worried about getting your home in top shape for approaching holiday guests. One way to minimize anxiety is to establish a reasonable budget and start early.  Decorating doesn’t have to be as difficult as one might think, so step in and embrace the holiday season with ease. 

Try Tackling the Paint Jobs that are Small and Quick 

Even though you could paint an entire room, you don’t have to take things to that extent. Save yourself money and time by harnessing the power of transforming your space with a couple of small paint jobs. Paint the trim and the molding. Choose an accent wall to paint with a color that is warm and inviting. Make a door wreath and welcome mat stand out by painting the door with a new color or add a splash of color by repainting an accent furniture piece. Home decorating can be fun and exciting if you take the time to focus your attention on the smaller things. 

Upgrade the Accessories and Faucets in Your Bathroom 

Since it is a room vital to every guest’s comfort, bathrooms are an important place to give your attention to. Fix leaky faucets and consider upgrading outdated accessories and bath hardware. Adding stylish antique brass or brushed chrome towel rings, towel holders and door hangers will add shine and sophistication to your space. A new mirror at the sink can go a long way towards sprucing up a small space. If your guest will be staying overnight, installing grab bars to make it easy for guests to get into and out of the tub and shower is a thoughtful touch.

Adding in New Living Room Accessories 

Families tend to congregate in the den and living room before and after  meals. You want to make people feel welcome and at home in the space by updating the accessories and adding in some new ones along the way. Accessorize your home decorating with some throw pillows in rich plums, browns and blues. Nothing warms and pulls together a room like fabric so consider replacing old blinds with drapery panels or roman shades.  Fabrics that have texture as well as pattern are really popular now and work with many types of décor. Remember the floors as well – adding in an area rug over existing carpet or floors can change the look of the entire room!

Upgrading the Lighting in Key Rooms

Christmas lights are one of the first things that come to mind when thinking about lighting for the approaching holiday season. People will often overlook the fact that there are other lighting issues that should be considered when preparing for house guests. Changing the light bulbs in your closets, bathrooms, guest rooms, patio and porches a day before the guests arrive is important. Updating the interior lighting by adding in some chandeliers and sconces will add elegance to your space. Adding in motion sensing lights and path lights help illuminate the walkway for those who arrive in the evening. 

Holidays are a great time to have fun and enjoy spending time with those you love. You want to make sure you provide them with a holiday experience that everyone will enjoy and remember for years to come. Prepare your Berea, Westlake and North Royalton home with simple home decorating tips to make sure you have everything in order to enjoy your time bonding together and enjoying the company of your friends and family.

The Ease of Working With a Decorator

working with a decoratorYou have saved up for years and finally have your dream home built to your specifications so that you and your family can live happily for years to come. The next step is the interior decoration, like choosing walls, floors and window treatments, paint colors for the exterior and the interior and other such difficult decisions. Your home should be a relaxing place, a sanctuary. Your home should be a reflection of you. The modern version of “show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are,” is “show me your home and I will tell you who you are.”

However, your family members will also want their needs and personalities to be reflected in their rooms and private areas. If you feel it is a daunting task, it is better to engage a professional interior designer or decorator. The former gets involved with the architect and advises on the placement of rooms and planned activities for different spaces, based on the available light and other factors. The latter is typically engaged after the house is built to advise on floors, wall colors, draperies and other furniture and fittings to provide harmony and aesthetic appeal.

Engage with a Decorator

You don’t have to worry about any aspect of your interiors when you engage an interior decorator to do your home; you just have to state your preferences and have a beautiful home you can proudly show off. You can be assured of getting your home outfitted with the best possible floors, draperies, rugs, etc. as your decorator will be on top of the latest trends and innovations. You can save yourself both time and stress when you engage a decorator to help with your home décor, not to mention opting for something unsuitable and then having to get it fixed. Such costly do-overs can be avoided when you hire an interior decorator to help in fixing up your home.

Whether you are building, remodeling or redecorating your home, this time can very stressful to you. Oftentimes you will not know where to even begin. An interior decorator will relieve the stress and take the burden off of you. They will assist in space planning and décor by suggesting patterns, paints, flooring, and window treatments just to name a few. A decorator provides comfort and the security of knowing the services will be performed and completed without troubling you. This frees up your time and saves you money and frustration.

At Pucher’s we are fully aware of the importance of having your home look beautiful and appealing. You need to have a home that is welcoming, relaxing and soothing. Pucher’s, founded by Carl Pucher in Cleveland in 1928, has been serving the residents of Cleveland for three generations. We offer our customers professional advice and help you get your home décor the talking point among your family and friends. We offer home decorating services in Cleveland. We specialize in all household items and designer brands. Our staff members are well-trained and can help you with your fittings if required. Our in-house design team can handle any challenging project. Step in or call us today for a visit and a free quote!

How To Get My Wood Floors Shiny Again

bigstock-Hard-wood-flooring-in-living-r-16224596-resized-600may162013Wooden floors have an ageless charm that can be captivating. The patina of a hard wood floor that glows and gleams with age and polished smooth, though worn out by foot traffic over the years has its own poignant tale to tell. There is no doubt that a polished wooden floor can be beautiful, but maintaining it can be quite hard. Regular polishing and elbow grease are a must, or the floor will look worn out and dull.

Though some people recommend usage of vinegar and water to bring back the shine to the wooden floors, the acid in the vinegar will ruin the wood in the longer run. If you want to get your wood floors shining again, get a wood finishing product. This is the only way to take care of your old wooden floors. There are many quality brands that are available that will help you bring back the sheen to your beloved floors.

Floor Prep

The first step is to properly clean the floor; sweep away all the dust and mop up the floor to remove grime and oil, if any. Use a wood cleaner to get satisfactory results.

Wood Finishing Product

If you want a glossy finish, refinish the wood using a water based wood finishing product.  These water based finishing products are more durable than wax based ones, and so will keep your wooden floors protected for longer periods of time. First clean the floors; then apply a minimum of two coats of One-step wood finish with a soft, clean cloth. Take care to apply the finish in the same direction of the wood grain, as it will enhance the grains and bring them into prominence. Then let dry for one hour at least, before applying another coat with a soft clean cloth.  Once this coat is dry, the wooden floor is hard-finished and should stay glossy for a long time.

Today wooden floors are available in a range of colors, textures and finishes to suit everyone’s tastes and décor. Your hardwood floors have to be strong enough to withstand the constant foot traffic, the scrape of furniture and pets moving around. Some of the sturdier woods that make ideal floor choices are oak, hickory and maple.  One of the recently added and popular wood choices for floors due to its eco-friendly credentials is bamboo. Though it has been used in the Far East for thousands of years, here in the US, it is a relatively new choice for wooden floors. Whatever wood you end up choosing for your floors, make sure that it is well-cared for. A weekly dusting and vacuuming is vital to the life of the floor and can extend the beauty of the floor about four times over. As long as you take good care of it by routine maintenance, your wooden floor will reflect your loving care.

At Pucher’s we know how much your home means to you. Founded by Carl Pucher as a small paint shop in 1928, three generations of Puchers have toiled to make it into the institution it is today in Ohio. We guarantee the quality of every product we carry; our interior designers and engineers are famous in their own right for their integrity and work ethics. We are proud to say that almost 80% of our clientele come to us by word of mouth advertising and referrals. That alone, and the awards and accolades that have been bestowed upon us should attest to our commitment to quality. We offer a complete range of home décor products and ideas, and also offer customized designs. Call us today for a free consultation and quote!

Radiant Heated Flooring Warms Up Your Cold Feet

Ceramic Tile BathroomDo you want a ceramic floor in your bathroom but are afraid it will be cold underfoot?  Do you have a room in your house that is always colder than every other room? Are you looking out of your window at the cold snow and rain and thinking you are tired of the arctic feeling in your room? Well, I cannot do anything about the outside conditions but I can make any room in your home toasty and foot pleasing warm.

Today we have radiant heat flooring systems available that can be installed under floor coverings such as ceramic, engineered wood, laminate and carpeting to provide that blanket of warmth we are all looking for at this time of year. These thermostatically controlled heating panels warm the floor up to 80 degrees, which in turn keeps your room at any temperature you choose.  Imagine jumping out of bed in the morning and into a bath that is being warmed by a beautiful 80 degree ceramic floor. You can even set the thermostat in your bathroom so the floors warms up 15 minutes before you get up so you can climb out of that cozy warm bed into an even warmer bathroom.

So are you considering new flooring this year? We have the installers to make that cold bathroom, kitchen or family room floor toasty warm when we install the floor of your dreams this year. Now that spring will be arriving soon remember to prepare for next winter because it will surely come back. Think how nice next winter will be as you walk on your new warm floors. And if the cold is coming through your windows stop into Puchers and let us show you new insulating window treatments that will keep your furnace from working all winter long and will save you money on air conditioning in those hot summer months as well!