Nylon vs. Polyester Carpet: Part II

 smartThe answer is SmartStrand!

In our last blog on this topic, we reviewed the pros and cons of nylon and polyester because each fiber has different strengths and limitations.  Nylon carpet fiber is inherently stronger and more durable while polyester fibers tend to be more stain-resistant and colorfast.  But, what if I told you there is a new type of carpet fiber that gives you both?  There is and it’s called Smartstrand.

SmartStrand (aka triexta) is a new carpet fiber that was developed seven years ago by Dupont.  Today it is one of the fastest growing carpet products because it delivers all the benefits you could ask for in a carpet – it has softness, resiliency, stain resistance and “green” qualities that you never thought you could get from one carpet alone.  How does SmartStrand do it?

Lifetime Stain Protection

Most food and beverages are acidic and unfortunately, traditional carpet fibers are attracted to acid-based stains.  SmartStrand is NOT attracted to acid-based stains and so stains don’t penetrate the fiber.  As a result, you often only need to use water to rinse the stain off the fiber instead of using harsh chemicals to draw the stain out.  Even difficult stains like red wine and mustard clean up easily with mild soap and water.

Additionally, SmartStrand’s inherent stain and soil resistance will last for the life of the product.  So there is no need to apply topical anti-soiling treatments to the carpets ever.  So if you’re concerned about indoor air quality and off-gassing, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to use harsh chemicals to keep your carpet clean.

durabilityExceptional Durability

Smartstrand fibers have a unique “kinked” structure (pictured right) which allows them to bend easily, rebound quickly and resist the crushing and matting that can occur with other carpet types.   To see SmartStrand’s durability & built-in stain resistance for yourself, watch the SmartStrand Zoo Challenge and see how the carpet stands up to 10 zoo animals!

If SmartStrand carpets can survive that kind of punishment, imagine how well it will perform for the most active home and family!

Better for the Environment

Other than wool, SmartStrand is the most “natural” carpet you can buy.  37% of SmartStrand fiber is made from renewable resources like corn sugar instead of the petroleum-based ingredients that are used to make other carpets.  This reduces our dependency on foreign oil.  In addition, the production of SmartStrand requires 30% less energy and produces 67% less greenhouse-gas emissions. So you can feel good about buying SmartStrand!

soft carpet… and the Softest Carpet You’ll Ever Touch! 

When SmartStrand was first introduced, it boasted a significantly softer feel than nylon and polyester.  Last year, Karastan one-upped itself with the introduction of SmartStrand Silk, which claims to be the world’s most luxuriously soft carpet.  One touch of SmartStrand Silk’s softness and you’ll be sold.  (Imagine getting out of bed in the morning and sinking your toes in the world’s softest carpet – heavenly!)  The best part is that SmartStrand Silk is every bit as durable and stain-resistant as its predecessor.  So now you can have the softest carpet ever in your home as well as the performance that only a SmartStrand carpet can deliver.

Consumers seem to agree with all of the press.  SmartStrand has the highest consumer satisfaction rankings in the carpet industry.  In fact, 98% of SmartStrand customers say they would buy it again. 

Key Takeaway:  Karastan SmartStrand Carpets are -

  • The ONLY carpets with built-in stain & soil-resistance that never washes or wears off
  • Have a tightly woven structure that offers more resilience & durability
  • Constructed of 37% renewable materials, reducing energy use and emissions
  • “And the softest carpet you’ll ever touch!”

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