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Our Favorite Benjamin Moore Colors

Pucher’s Designers Share Their “Go-To” Benjamin More Colors

To help inspire you to start your summer painting projects, we asked three of our designers to name their favorite Benjamin Moore colors.

Brooke – Pucher’s Westlake

“I prefer colors that are ‘grayed down’ or muted but still interesting.  They are much easier to live with over time and tend to be easier to find accessories to coordinate with them.” 


Caponata AF-650

Infused with purple undertones, this rich dark chocolate creates a lush atmosphere, whether in a master bedroom or spacious living room.


Pashmina AF-100


Flora AF-470

Pairing effortlessly with contemporary or traditional furnishings, this rich mid-tone green has an earthy, organic quality that’s warm and welcoming.


Sparrow AF-720


Agave AF-420

“This color is a little more intense than the others, but I would use it as more of an accent or in the fabrics and accessories.”


Mascarpone AF-20

This use-anywhere shade of off-white taps a soft yellow undertone to achieve the versatility and creamy richness of its namesake cheese.

Cindy – Pucher’s Berea

I like toned-down cool colors.  Colors that are subtle, but also rich because they use multiple colorants to achieve their subtle tones.” 


Crown Point Sand HC-90

“A great rich neutral that gives off a variety of shades, from golds to greens.”


Fernwood Green 2145-40


Wet Concrete 2114-40


Colorado Gray 2136-50


Autumn Leaf 1131

Evocative of the crisp rustling of fall leaves, this warm brown is earthy and elegant. A generous infusion of yellow gives this shade an almost golden cast.  “I love anything with a hint of terra cotta in it!”

Lisa’s Picks – Pucher’s N. Royalton


Dinner Party AF-300

A sophisticated, deep red with black undertones, this color creates both depth and drama. It is an excellent color for a space used to host elegant dinner parties and other festive events and occasions.


Stratton Blue HC-142


Lenox Tan HC-44

The depth and warmth of this rich khaki with yellow undertones strikes the perfect balance between classic comfort and busy modern-day living.


Chopped Dill 496


Sweet Rosy Brown 1302

A deep brown with a sweet rosy tint, this rich shade is wonderfully versatile, bringing warmth and cozy comfort to any space.

Key Takeaway:  If you’re struggling to find the right colors for your interiors, bring your swatches to any of our three locations, and our talented designers will be happy to help you create the perfect color palette for your home!

Selecting the Perfect Area Rug for Your Room

At Pucher’s we love helping our clients pick out area rugs!  They come in so many gorgeous colors, textures & designs and they are a great source of color and design ideas for your rooms!  But once you select your design, you need to think about the size, shape and furniture .  Here are a few ideas to help simplify the process and bring out the beauty in any space.

First, know your room’s dimensions.  Use a measuring tape and size it out. To get a feel for how the rug will lay out, try this designer trick.  Using masking tape, outline the desired rug dimensions on the floor.  Then arrange furniture over the outline and visualize.  Here are some layouts for you to consider.

living-room-1-resized-600Living Room #1

Start with a room-sized rug where the furniture floats center.  We recommend a rug that is 8′ x 11′ or larger.  The rule of thumb is to leave 12″ to 18″ of exposed floor to create a border around the rug – equal on all four sides if possible.

Living Room #2

This rug is tucked under the front legs of the sofa with the back legs on or off depending on personal preference.  We recommend a rug that is 5′ x 8′ or larger.  Again, leave 12″ – 18″ between the wall and the rug, creating a border of exposed floor that frames the arrangement – equal on all four sides if possible.


living-room-3-resized-600Living Room #3

This rug is placed in front of the sofa.  We recommend a rug that is 3′ x 5′ to 6′ x 9′ or approximately the length of the sofa.  Leaving a sliver of exposed floor between the rug and sofa will accent the furniture.  When the rug is under the coffee table, make sure it is large enough to accommodate all four legs.


diningDining Room

Begin with a room-sized rug where there is enough room for all chair legs to stay on the rug when comfortably pulled away from the table.  We recommend a rug that is 8′ x 10′ or larger.

Bedroom #1

Layer runners in the same pattern, or the same color family, on 2 or 3 sides around a bed frame.


bedroom-layout-2-resized-600Bedroom #2

Begin with a large rug under two legs, but allow wood floor to show all around the bed.  Rug should extend approximately 24″ or more from the sides of the bed.

Key Takeaway:  Pucher’s design team shares tips for selecting the perfect area rug for your space.