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Remote Controlled Window Shades

hd platinum remote-resized-600Some of us can remember the days when garage door openers were quite a novelty but now they are considered a standard feature in almost every home. With the rapid technical improvement of motorization we are now in the early stages of such a revolution with window shades. Yes the future is here and it works with a remote control. Today’s window coverings have come a long way combining beauty with energy efficiency and through the use of motorization, unparalleled convenience. Imagine a smart window shade that will automatically sense the sun, heat or cold and adjust your shade to the proper length automatically. They are here.  And what do you do about that hard to reach window shade?  No problem.  With the new radio controlled remote controls adjusting your shades is as easy as the push of a button. Are you away from home and want added security? Fine, just program your shades to open and close at the time you choose.

Are you building a new home? This is the perfect time to make sure your windows are wired with low voltage wiring so we can easily install motorized shades throughout your home. This gives you the ability to tie the entire window shading system into a home automation program. We can discuss this option with your builder so he can make your home ready for this new and popular technology.

At present most homes do not have existing power for their windows. Window treatment manufacturers know this and they have created an incredible variety of window treatments and shades that can be battery operated. The battery powered motorized shades are both reliable and very quiet. Even better, they are now controlled by radio frequency remotes so you do not even have to point the remote at the blind you are operating. And, you can program your remote to do one window or all of your motorized window treatments.

The future is here and it does work with a remote control and it works well.

Radiant Heated Flooring Warms Up Your Cold Feet

Ceramic Tile BathroomDo you want a ceramic floor in your bathroom but are afraid it will be cold underfoot?  Do you have a room in your house that is always colder than every other room? Are you looking out of your window at the cold snow and rain and thinking you are tired of the arctic feeling in your room? Well, I cannot do anything about the outside conditions but I can make any room in your home toasty and foot pleasing warm.

Today we have radiant heat flooring systems available that can be installed under floor coverings such as ceramic, engineered wood, laminate and carpeting to provide that blanket of warmth we are all looking for at this time of year. These thermostatically controlled heating panels warm the floor up to 80 degrees, which in turn keeps your room at any temperature you choose.  Imagine jumping out of bed in the morning and into a bath that is being warmed by a beautiful 80 degree ceramic floor. You can even set the thermostat in your bathroom so the floors warms up 15 minutes before you get up so you can climb out of that cozy warm bed into an even warmer bathroom.

So are you considering new flooring this year? We have the installers to make that cold bathroom, kitchen or family room floor toasty warm when we install the floor of your dreams this year. Now that spring will be arriving soon remember to prepare for next winter because it will surely come back. Think how nice next winter will be as you walk on your new warm floors. And if the cold is coming through your windows stop into Puchers and let us show you new insulating window treatments that will keep your furnace from working all winter long and will save you money on air conditioning in those hot summer months as well!

2011 Color Trends

benmoore room image-resized-600There are some new trends in color direction for 2011 and also a revisiting of some color trends from the past few years. Here are six color groups we should be seeing this year.

Corals will be big this year, a nice compliment to some of the blues and greens that are currently being used. Corals can be great choices to perk up a bathroom or bedroom.

Yellows will still maintain their popularity but going a bit bolder and brighter than before. Think of Southwest colors with stronger golden yellows.

Greens have been popular for quite awhile and they will be staying for 2011 but a bit more yellow based than before. To get an idea think of the outdoors, as in leaves and moss. To get an idea check out Benjamin Moore’s color AF430 Wasabi.

Remember how popular the grays were in the early 90’s? They are starting to show up as a popular neutral but now with a warmer base, more taupe hues, and grays with a subtle violet undertone.

Speaking of violet, the purples will be out in full force for 2011 and beyond. Deep royal purples and purples with red and blue undertones will be in the forefront. Purples can be dramatic, take a look at the color of the year – Benjamin Moore’s Vintage Wine. It is the perfect compliment with today’s wood finishes and leathers. We liked Vintage Wine so much that we painted the ceiling of our Pucher’s store in North Royalton with breathtaking results.

Along with purples some blues will be showing up more this year. Heavy earthy blues like Benjamin Moore’s Buxton Blue and aqua based blues such as Azores from the Benjamin Moore Pottery Barn Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

If you would like to see these colors and receive a free Envision Color 2011 book stop into one of our stores and start planning!