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No Strings Attached With Cellular Shades

hunter douglas literise duette-resized-600One of the nicest innovations in the window treatment business over the last few years has been the introduction of the cordless cellular shade. These cordless blinds eliminate the safety problems with children and pets from accidental strangulation and entanglement. They are also very convenient to use as they rise up and down with an effortless push and pull. Without the unsightly cords hanging down you are left with a window that has a clean an unobstructed view.

One of my favorite blinds is the cellular shade with the top down, bottom up option. This lets you easily position the blind in your window for maximum view, while maintaining the privacy you need. These are especially nice in bedroom windows where you can drop them down partially from the top to let in the natural light, while still maintaining the privacy you need. Combined with the energy savings and the insulating properties of the cellular shades, this is the perfect shade for many areas of your home.

When they first appeared in the market, I was a little leery about how well the mechanism would hold up on the cordless shades, but after years of installing them in customer’s homes, I see far fewer repairs needed on these blinds then I do on the standard corded shades. The lifting mechanism has been very reliable and it eliminates wear and tear of the cord going through a cord lock that always seems to be the weak point of corded shades.  So if you are looking for beauty and function check out cordless cellular blinds soon.

New Advance Paint From Benjamin Moore

advanceAn oil based paint that cleans up with water and is Eco-friendly?

Now I have been in the Paint business for over 25 years and have been told by many paint manufacturers that each new product that comes along is the best thing since sliced bread.  A funny thing happened with this product called Advance from Benjamin Moore in the last 2 weeks.  I had two separate painters come in who told me that their customers insisted that they use Benjamin Moore paint on the job.  Both of them used the Advance for the first time and almost exactly to a word they both said, “I tried it because the customer requested it, but now they have tried it, they will be using Advance as often as possible in the future.”

What is Advance? Like its name, Advance is a brand new type of oil paint that is made of a cutting edge new resin that cleans up with soap and water and meets the strictest VOC safety requirements! Why are people raving about this product? Now, having used it myself, I can honestly say that I have rarely seen a paint level this well which means no brush marks. And the coverage – wow, this paint covers incredibly well. It cures to a beautiful smooth, hard and durable finish. There is almost no odor and because it is such a green paint, I do not have to concern myself about any damage to my lungs or liver.  Advance is available in unlimited colors and is non-yellowing, which means the whites stay whiter longer than with traditional oil paints.

As I am not a professional painter, I have been known to miss a few spots here and there.

For me, I was very, very happy to be able to go back over spots that were less than perfect and repaint them and still have the paint flow beautifully – even up to 15 minutes after I could still touch up. Amazing!

Decorating With Window Treatments

windowtreatments20 years ago there was a strong trend towards a stark simplicity at our windows.  It was a direct reaction to the heavy, but sometimes less than eye-pleasing insulated curtains that were hung over poorly insulated windows.  Fabric came down from our windows with a vengeance and many of us opted to put up just a shade or blind on that window and stopped there.  We enjoyed the clean look and easy functionality and we had patterned wallcoverings and soft carpet to provide warmth and visual interest in our rooms.

Enter the 21st century – we are using more hard surface floors and have opted for painted walls instead of wall paper. Now we are seeking ways to add softness, sound absorption, warmth and beauty back into our rooms and fabric at the windows is the way to go.  As a quick glance at your favorite room photos in any decorating magazine will show, draperies are on-trend in a big way.  The added benefit is that you know you are in a special room when you see fabric window treatments and custom drapery allows you to truly express your unique style.

Classic or contemporary, simple or elegant, side panels and drapery treatments are the way to add color, texture and up-scale design to your rooms. Layered them over new or existing blinds and shades and you have function and beauty at once.  Take a look at your windows and picture how much more elegant and finished they will look framed by a great fabric and handsome drapery hardware.

Puchers Decorating Centers offers thousands of fabrics and treatments to suit every budget.  Stop into one of our stores or contact us for a shop-at-home appointment and let one of talented staff members help you create the perfect window treatments for your home.