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Blinds & Window Shades

The Benefits of Installing Blinds and Window Shades

A bare window by itself can leave the interior of a room exposed to the outside. However, the simple addition of blinds or window shades can add instant privacy along with the ability to control penetrating sunlight while enhancing the beauty of the room. The quick installation of blinds and window shades can create a major positive impact on the amount of penetrating sunlight that is let in, or kept out of the room.

Horizontal Blinds

Fabricated with adjustable louvers, horizontal blinds offer the perfect solution in light control. Based on its style, the more slats the blinds has, the greater protection it offers against penetrating light attempting to make its way through the blinds. Some horizontal blinds are crafted to be extremely “light tight,” meaning the slats are designed to remain close together, minimizing the amount of sunlight that can penetrate when the slats are closed.

Blinds are crafted in a variety of materials including vinyl, wood and metal. They are also fabricated in a wide array of colors and decorative finishes. While vinyl and metal blinds are extremely popular, wood blinds are once again becoming very fashionable. 

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are usually installed over large window openings, and sliding glass doors. However, smaller units often serve as the ideal window treatment for a bow window, tall casement window, or a window fabricated out of fixed glass. Many window treatment designers use vertical blinds as a way to accentuate the room’s height.

Pre-made, and customized, vertical blinds are crafted in a variety of materials including metal, fabric and vinyl, and can even be matched with specific wallpaper. They can be crafted to protect against harmful UV rays, and with a plastic back that safeguards the room against the damaging rays of the sun.

Window Shades

Window treatment manufacturers have created a variety of window shade styles that are a hybrid of a horizontal blind and a pocket cellular shade. When in the down position, they can block out nearly 100% of direct sunlight, and the louvers can be positioned in a variety of angles to control the indirect light.

Crafted in a variety of styles, from formal to casual, they can offer functionality and a level of sophistication. Window shades tend to be higher priced than cellular or roller shades, but less expensive than wood or metal blinds.

Blinds and window shades offer a variety of options for every household or business. They are offered in a wide array of styles, materials, and colors to match any decor.





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