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Radiant Heated Flooring Warms Up Your Cold Feet

Ceramic Tile BathroomDo you want a ceramic floor in your bathroom but are afraid it will be cold underfoot?  Do you have a room in your house that is always colder than every other room? Are you looking out of your window at the cold snow and rain and thinking you are tired of the arctic feeling in your room? Well, I cannot do anything about the outside conditions but I can make any room in your home toasty and foot pleasing warm.

Today we have radiant heat flooring systems available that can be installed under floor coverings such as ceramic, engineered wood, laminate and carpeting to provide that blanket of warmth we are all looking for at this time of year. These thermostatically controlled heating panels warm the floor up to 80 degrees, which in turn keeps your room at any temperature you choose.  Imagine jumping out of bed in the morning and into a bath that is being warmed by a beautiful 80 degree ceramic floor. You can even set the thermostat in your bathroom so the floors warms up 15 minutes before you get up so you can climb out of that cozy warm bed into an even warmer bathroom.

So are you considering new flooring this year? We have the installers to make that cold bathroom, kitchen or family room floor toasty warm when we install the floor of your dreams this year. Now that spring will be arriving soon remember to prepare for next winter because it will surely come back. Think how nice next winter will be as you walk on your new warm floors. And if the cold is coming through your windows stop into Puchers and let us show you new insulating window treatments that will keep your furnace from working all winter long and will save you money on air conditioning in those hot summer months as well!