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Decorating With Window Treatments

windowtreatments20 years ago there was a strong trend towards a stark simplicity at our windows.  It was a direct reaction to the heavy, but sometimes less than eye-pleasing insulated curtains that were hung over poorly insulated windows.  Fabric came down from our windows with a vengeance and many of us opted to put up just a shade or blind on that window and stopped there.  We enjoyed the clean look and easy functionality and we had patterned wallcoverings and soft carpet to provide warmth and visual interest in our rooms.

Enter the 21st century – we are using more hard surface floors and have opted for painted walls instead of wall paper. Now we are seeking ways to add softness, sound absorption, warmth and beauty back into our rooms and fabric at the windows is the way to go.  As a quick glance at your favorite room photos in any decorating magazine will show, draperies are on-trend in a big way.  The added benefit is that you know you are in a special room when you see fabric window treatments and custom drapery allows you to truly express your unique style.

Classic or contemporary, simple or elegant, side panels and drapery treatments are the way to add color, texture and up-scale design to your rooms. Layered them over new or existing blinds and shades and you have function and beauty at once.  Take a look at your windows and picture how much more elegant and finished they will look framed by a great fabric and handsome drapery hardware.

Puchers Decorating Centers offers thousands of fabrics and treatments to suit every budget.  Stop into one of our stores or contact us for a shop-at-home appointment and let one of talented staff members help you create the perfect window treatments for your home.