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Benjamin Moore Fall Colors

Can you believe that the Holiday Season is upon us already! There are only a few weeks left until Thanksgiving, and Benjamin Moore has some great new fall color combinations for you to try.

Farm Fresh Yellow Kitchen

Benjamin Moore Fall Colors Powdered Sand

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Celebrate with family, friends, and loved ones in style this year with Benjamin Moore’s Powdered Sand. Perfect for trim, this color brightens this kitchen, bringing energy and warmth into the living space. It is paired with Roasted Sesame Seed and Indian River.

Benjamin Moore Fall Colors Powdered Sand

A Kitchen Perfect For a Chef

Benjamin Moore Fall Colors

This contemporary kitchen space mixes Navajo Red with Wrought Iron, which makes for a powerful color combination that is sure to impress your friends this holiday season.

Benjamin Moore Fall Colors

An Office Perfect For Autumn

Treat yourself this year with an office makeover. This cheery space utilizes Pilgrimage Foliage paired with Subtle and Golden Straw. Ideal for either a male or female workspace, Pilgrimage Foliage is a fall color that truly stands out from the crowd.

Benjamin Moore Fall Colors Pilgrimage Foliage

Benjamin Moore Fall Colors Autumn Office

A Contemporary Thanksgiving

This contemporary dining space features Benjamin Moore’s Pottery Red paired with Manchester Tan and Weimaraner. Entertain in style with these bright, welcoming colors.

Share your own design ideas with us! Comment below to tell us about your fall decorating ideas.

Benjamin Moore Fall Colors Dining Room

A Very Healthy Hand Cleaner

paintingMany times when you are painting, no matter how hard you try, that paint you are using winds up on your hands, forearms and many other places on your body as well. And that leaves the question “How do I get this stuff off of me?”

If you are using an oil based paint or varnish, many people will make the huge mistake of removing the paint with paint thinner, gasoline or worse. This is a very bad idea. But wait, there is a great solution.

What about if you are using a water base paint and the paint dries on your skin. How do you remove this newly acquired “second skin?”

What about cleaning your bicycle chain and now you have old, greasy chain lube on your hands? How do you get this grease off of your hands?

Try this secret – Coconut Oil!! Coconut oil will almost magically remove oil paint, grease and oily substances from your hands quickly and easily. You will be pleasantly surprised as to how well this works. After removing the oil, paint, or grease from your hands, simply wash off the remaining coconut oil with hand soap. And here is the really great news – coconut oil is great for your skin as well.

Here is another tip. BEFORE painting with an oil or latex paint or doing any grimy household chores, apply a light coating of coconut oil on your hands and forearms (or any other body parts). This will help prevent the products you are using from penetrating your skin and makes cleanup a snap.

You can find coconut oil at any health food store, most grocery stores and at all Trader Joes.

So there you have it – a healthy hand cleaner with a great benefit – the smell will take you away to that tropical beach you (and as I am told, my wife,) would rather be on!

Pucher’s – Three Great Locations in Ohio

Pucher's BereaPucher’s is one of the premier interior design and decorating companies in the state of Ohio. This company has developed an incredible reputation for helping consumers and homeowners dramatically improve the appearance of their homes. It doesn’t matter what your personal style is, there is something at Pucher’s for everyone. You don’t have to be a design expert to benefit from the products and services available at Pucher’s. In fact, this company was specifically created to offer assistance to homeowners who have no design experience or interior decorating knowledge whatsoever. Many homeowners have a vision for their home’s interior, but they simply don’t know where to go or what to do to transform that vision into a reality. That’s where the professional design specialists at Pucher’s can be invaluable. With three convenient locations in Ohio, high quality design is within your reach.

Our Three Great Locations Are Here to Serve

In order to better serve homeowners in the state of Ohio, Pucher’s owns and operates three distinct locations. Each location is filled with high quality products, tools, accessories, and design ideas that can help you plan your home’s décor from the ground up. There’s no need to hop around from store to store just to find the decorating products and inspiration you need to get started. A professional home designer can discuss your current home decorative theme and your vision for adding updates to your home. Pucher’s has home decorating center locations in Berea, North Royalton, and Westlake, Ohio, and you can find Pucher’s contact information at the easy-to-use Pucher’s website.

Choose From Incredible Flooring Products

One of the simplest ways to transform your home’s interior is through the addition of new flooring. Changing outdated tile or laminate flooring to beautiful hardwood, luxurious carpet, or gorgeous ceramic tile is a great way to make big changes in your home. If you don’t have the budget for high quality hardwood, you can take advantage of incredible new laminate and vinyl flooring products that closely resemble more expensive materials.

Window Treatments, Fabric, and Drapery

Often, all that is needed to dress up a space and make it uniquely yours is a few high quality window treatments. Instead of using low quality venetian blinds and drab window coverings, you can invest in stunning drapes, fabric, and other window treatments that will enhance your home’s preexisting décor. Window treatments don’t have to mask your windows and darken a space. You can visit Pucher’s three locations to discover how window treatments can actually emphasize the windows and natural light in your home.

Paint and Wallpaper

Never underestimate the power of the walls in your home. Walls can be so much more than a boring, plain support system for your house. Walls that are splashed with rich colors or papered with unique patterns and textures can actually turn into the focal point of your entire space. With so many paint and wallpapering options to choose from, Pucher’s locations in Berea, Westlake, and North Royalton are great sources for high quality products.

Convenient Locations in Ohio

With three different locations to choose from in Berea, North Royalton, and Westlake, you always have handy access to a company that can turn your outdated or old-fashioned home into a gorgeous canvas for beautiful in-home design. Changing the look of your home can be an overwhelming process when you don’t have the experience and expertise of a professional design consultant. If you are hoping to make dramatic changes to your home’s interior, be sure and stop by one of Pucher’s great locations. Team members are standing by to evaluate your current décor and discuss options that can completely transform the look and feel of your home.

Why Buy Pucher’s Paint?

buy Pucher's paintConsider this for just one moment – a single paint manufacturer often has more than 100 hues in their “white” palette. Now, if you are just starting to consider redecorating your home or office, the fact that you have thousands of hues to sort through can usually stop you in your tracks. How on earth do you go about choosing the proper colors and then the proper finishes? The answer is to ask for expert help.

Most consumers would say they just cannot afford to pay for an interior decorator’s services. That, however, is where Pucher’s enters the equation. Since 1928, they have been offering their services to the Cleveland area and have helped many satisfied customers to choose the right drapes, paint, flooring, and more.

Begin at the Beginning

Whether you believe it or not, the background color of any room will really set the immediate “tone”. Thus, it is pretty important to make the right choices, and yet the subtleties in paint colors and hues can make choosing a very challenging issue. When you turn to Pucher’s for help, however, it becomes the proverbial “piece of cake”. This is thanks to their expertise and knowledge, as well as their array of free services.

To make it simple, you will want to have a good idea of the general color scheme you intend to use. For example, you would want to say that you are hoping to have the dining room in a nice green palette. You may even want to have some color samples that appeal to you, or images from magazines that you find attractive. You could then make a visit to Pucher’s paint department. Their experts can provide you with color matching, samples, and many ideas that will help you achieve decorating success.

Whether you are considering an interior or exterior surface, thinking about  staining floors or walls, or doing a few different treatments, Pucher’s has a full line of all that is needed – including accessories necessary for painting. They can even match any other manufacturer’s colors to help you save money or get just the results desired.

The modern Pucher’s Decorating Centers actually began as the Pucher Paint Company more than seventy years ago. Over this extensive period of time, their team has developed an expert level knowledge about paint and stain. This allows them to know the ideal solutions for almost any setting, and to give clients the kind of skillful advice that ensures a high quality result.

Though many other decorating stores have to do tons of marketing and advertising, Pucher’s has developed such a good reputation in the Cleveland area that around 80% of their current clientele comes from word of mouth and recommendations. That alone speaks volumes.

Whether you are hoping for a self-priming paint that will allow you to put a new face on your living room over the weekend, or you are building a “green” home that you want treated with eco-friendly solutions, Pucher’s will have the solutions required. Start thinking about the various color schemes and decor themes you have in mind and head into their showroom to speak with their paint specialists.

You might be surprised and overwhelmed by the number of choices, but with the knowledgeable expertise of Pucher’s paint department, you will be able to choose the ideal finish and palette for your needs. The personal touch is missing in so many modern businesses, but the amazing array of services that Pucher’s clients receive shows that they take all of their clients seriously.

Trendy and Stylish Colors for the Year

paintingAre you thinking about repainting your home this year?  If so, then you should consider choosing some of the paint colors that are guaranteed to be “in” during 2013.  Below, we have listed some of the shades that are sure to be popular this year, along with the reasons why so many people are choosing them as their go-to hues for 2013.

Grays and Dark Greens

No matter what the year is, gray is always a great choice for walls in your home.  Gray is both timeless and modern, and depending on the shade that you choose for your home, it can be either dark and relaxing, or light and inviting. Pairing gray with a dark forest green will give your room a nice shot of earth tones, and will make your decorating scheme seem stylish, yet organic and at ease.  This color combination is great for rooms where you want to unwind and enjoy yourself, or simply sit and think.

Rust Red, Warm Yellow, Faded Green

Any combination of these three colors will be ideal for rooms that you want to evoke feelings of comfort and familial intimacy.  These colors are especially popular in kitchens, dining rooms, and great rooms because of the way they complement the palettes of many traditional American dishes.  As with the set of shades described above, these three colors allow you to create an aesthetic that is contemporary but will stand up well against the test of time.  Consider an accent wall or “nook” in one color and surround it with another.

Weathered Blue and Off-White

These two colors are wonderfully relaxing, but also bright enough to take full advantage of the light in rooms that receive only limited sunlight.  Many homeowners like the weathered blue for the way it reminds them of the ocean, while the off-white is reminiscent of a long stretch of sand by the shoreline.  This color scheme is good for those who want earth tones in their homes, but do not want to use darker shades, like deep reds, forest greens, and browns.  It is easy to punch up this décor with bits of accent colors like aqua, tangerine, soft pink or plum.  And as with both color sets mentioned previously, these two colors will work well no matter what other decorations you have in your home, now or in the future.

Why Choose Benjamin Moore Paints?

AURAMATTE-resized-600When it comes time to paint your house, make sure that you choose paint by Benjamin Moore.  Of all the many brands of paints available on the market today, no other brand is as widely used or trusted.  Why is that?  Because Benjamin Moore has a long history of producing warm, vibrant colors and quality products that will make any room in your house look good for years to come.  When you buy paint from them, you know that you are getting a paint that will not only look good on the paint swatch in the store, but also on the walls of your own home.  Here are just a few of the many reasons that professional painters and do-it-yourself homeowners rely on their high-quality line of interior and exterior paints.

Unbeatable Selection

No other brand offers the variety of colors that you get to choose from when you choose Benjamin Moore.  If you count their entire line of paints, you will have more than 3400 different hues to select from. They understand that when you are choosing a color for your favorite room, you don’t just want a color that is almost right, or close to what you have in mind.  No, you want exactly the right color, and that is what you will get.  As just one example of the tremendous selection you get from Benjamin Moore, their 3400 colors of paint include 164 shades of white. Imagine how many shades of red, blue, or yellow you will have to choose from!  And when you visit your local interior decoration specialist and tell them what sorts of colors you are looking for, they will be able to create for you the perfect palette of colors to choose from.

Exactly What You Want

Because of their devotion to giving customers exactly what they want, Benjamin Moore is able to match any color offered by any of their competitors.  Simply bring in a sample showing the color you have in mind, and your local home painting specialist will make a bucket of that color especially for you.  But before you get going on your painting project, Benjamin Moore wants to be sure you are entirely satisfied with the color you got.  That’s why you can request a pint-sized Color Sample of any shade you want.  Take it home and try it out. You don’t need to purchase a full-size bucket until you are totally happy with the color you have chosen.

Our Benjamin Moore Color Picks for 2012

The fall redecorating season has officially begun!  You know nothing gives your home an updated look like new color on your walls.   To help get you started, we asked the color experts at Pucher’s to share their “go-to” Benjamin Moore colors for Fall 2012.

Pucher’s Berea


Brick Red 2084-10


Greenfield Pumpkin HC-40

Light Khaki 2148-40

Military Tan 2148-30

Pucher’s North Royalton


flora-entry-resized-600Flora AF-470

Pairing effortlessly with contemporary or traditional furnishings, this rich mid-tone green has an earthy, organic quality that’s warm and welcoming.

Harmony AF-90

A soft, pinkish-beige, Harmony is a versatile neutral that anchors and beautifully enhances the color scheme of any space.

Meditation AF-395



A soft, sophisticated neutral with a hint of green. To see how beautiful this looks on the wall, stop by our newly expanded North Royalton store!

And our two dramatic accents – Chambourd AF-645 and Salsa Dancing AF-280.

Pucher’s Westlake

Beachglass 1564

Black Bean Soup 2130-10

Edgecomb Gray HC-173

A go-to gray that’s timeless with a modern edge, this earthy, organic neutral is soft and stylish, creating a setting that feels distinctly personal.

Revere Pewter HC-172


A light gray with warm undertones, this classic shade creates a unifying look that calms and restores. A great transitional colour, it’s perfect for an open floor plan.

Sweet Rosy Brown 1302


A deep brown with a sweet rosy tint, this rich shade is wonderfully versatile, bringing warmth and cozy comfort to any space.

Waynesboro Taupe 1544

Wythe Blue 1544

Key Takeaway:  The designers at Pucher’s are color experts!  Let us show you how to use Fall 2012 Color Trends to create the look and feel you want in your home.

Fall Paint Colors for Home

Don’t you just love autumn? 

Fall is a beautiful time of year and can be a great source of color inspiration – with the falling leaves, ubiquitous pumpkins, cups of spiced cider … I could go on.  In this blog, Pucher’s and Benjamin Moore show you how the warm, rich colors of autumn can create warmth and coziness in any space any time of year.



Delightful Green Bedroom – Anjou Pear AF-425

The key to making fall’s warm, rich colors work in your home is to balance them with neutrals.  Here, the bold accent wall featuring Anjou Pear is balanced by Olivetint (519).



Vivid Yellow Bedroom – Citrine AF-370

Citrine is a stylish, rich gold adds warmth in the bedroom.



Cozy, Comfortable Living Room – Etruscan AF-355

Etruscan is a rich, muted orange shade that enhances the cozy comfort of this neutral living space.




Resplendently Red Home Office – Hot Apple Spice 2005-20

The wall of red draws the eye to this workspace. Hot Apple Spice is a rich, understated, gorgeous choice for red.



Edgy, Original Purple Living Room – Vintage Wine 2116-20

Take purple to new heights with a ceiling of deep vintage wine.  Our North Royalton design staff did just that!  Stop in at Pucher’s North Royalton and check out this color on our ceiling!



Fresh, Focused Entry – Sparrow AF-720

Warm grays are the hot neutrals right now and will be for the foreseeable future.  Sparrow is a super-saturated taupe-gray that adds a cozy layer of warmth to this entry.

Key Takeaway:  Stop in to Pucher’s and let our color experts show you how to use the cornucopia of fall colors to make your home warm and inviting this season and all year long.

Our Favorite Benjamin Moore Colors

Pucher’s Designers Share Their “Go-To” Benjamin More Colors

To help inspire you to start your summer painting projects, we asked three of our designers to name their favorite Benjamin Moore colors.

Brooke – Pucher’s Westlake

“I prefer colors that are ‘grayed down’ or muted but still interesting.  They are much easier to live with over time and tend to be easier to find accessories to coordinate with them.” 


Caponata AF-650

Infused with purple undertones, this rich dark chocolate creates a lush atmosphere, whether in a master bedroom or spacious living room.


Pashmina AF-100


Flora AF-470

Pairing effortlessly with contemporary or traditional furnishings, this rich mid-tone green has an earthy, organic quality that’s warm and welcoming.


Sparrow AF-720


Agave AF-420

“This color is a little more intense than the others, but I would use it as more of an accent or in the fabrics and accessories.”


Mascarpone AF-20

This use-anywhere shade of off-white taps a soft yellow undertone to achieve the versatility and creamy richness of its namesake cheese.

Cindy – Pucher’s Berea

I like toned-down cool colors.  Colors that are subtle, but also rich because they use multiple colorants to achieve their subtle tones.” 


Crown Point Sand HC-90

“A great rich neutral that gives off a variety of shades, from golds to greens.”


Fernwood Green 2145-40


Wet Concrete 2114-40


Colorado Gray 2136-50


Autumn Leaf 1131

Evocative of the crisp rustling of fall leaves, this warm brown is earthy and elegant. A generous infusion of yellow gives this shade an almost golden cast.  “I love anything with a hint of terra cotta in it!”

Lisa’s Picks – Pucher’s N. Royalton


Dinner Party AF-300

A sophisticated, deep red with black undertones, this color creates both depth and drama. It is an excellent color for a space used to host elegant dinner parties and other festive events and occasions.


Stratton Blue HC-142


Lenox Tan HC-44

The depth and warmth of this rich khaki with yellow undertones strikes the perfect balance between classic comfort and busy modern-day living.


Chopped Dill 496


Sweet Rosy Brown 1302

A deep brown with a sweet rosy tint, this rich shade is wonderfully versatile, bringing warmth and cozy comfort to any space.

Key Takeaway:  If you’re struggling to find the right colors for your interiors, bring your swatches to any of our three locations, and our talented designers will be happy to help you create the perfect color palette for your home!

Which is Better – Oil vs. Latex Paint?

I have been in the paint business for over 50 years – I know that makes me sound ancient! (I started working in my dad’s store when I was 7.) My family has been in the paint business for over 80 years.  My point is that if you live in the Cleveland area and your last name is Pucher, you probably know a thing or two about paint.  So I thought I would address a common question we get asked by customers – when should you use oil vs. latex paint?


Oil (Alkyd) Paints at a Glance

Oil paints are known for their smooth-as-glass, hard enamel finish.  In the past, this has made them a popular choice for cabinets and woodwork.  In fact, we know contractors who still insist on using only oil paint for woodwork.  However, there are some significant downsides.  Oil paints contain a lot of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which off-gas as the paint dries, into your home and the atmosphere – not ideal for your family or the environment.  So in 2008, the Ohio EPA set a max of 100 VOCs per gallon.  This legislation has limited the types of oil paint available to oil primers (in gallons & quarts) and satin & semi-gloss oil finishes (quarts only).  I recommend oil paints only for the following specific applications:

1.  Stained Walls – Oil primers, such as Benjamin Moore’s Enamel Underbody, are the only primers guaranteed to seal water and tobacco stains (interior walls)and tannin bleeding (exterior surfaces).

2.  Existing Oil Paint –  You can always use oil primers over existing oil paint, but keep in mind there are now acrylic primers that have excellent adhesion and can be applied on any oil painted surface (try Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Start 100% Acrylic Superior Primer).

3.  Touch Ups/ Small Paint Projects – Because oil finishes are only available in quarts, it makes sense to use these only for touching up existing oil painted surfaces or for small painting projects like furniture.


Latex (Acrylic) Paints at a Glance

Clearly, acrylic or latex paints are the way to go for most paint projects.   Latex paints are much easier, safer and cheaper for homeowners to use.  They have longer film life and better color retention (as long as you buy a good quality paint).  The only downside is that it may take more prep work to achieve a smooth finish.  But, in time, latex technology may close that gap as well.

Key Takeaway:  Because of their high VOCs & recent EPA regulations, oil paints are being phased out and really can only be used for specific applications.  We recommend acrylic or latex paints for most paint projects.  To save $5 per gallon on Benjamin Moore paints, just print this online coupon.

Could Benjamin Moore Color Be Good for Your Health?

We have always known that color affects our mood.   A room painted in a beautiful turquoise can evoke the relaxed feelings you get from being near the sea.  Just thinking about the vibrant colors of Mexico – papaya, marigold, terra cotta, lapis lazuli, parrot green – can perk  me right up on a dull, gray winter day.

There is a new science called Chromotherapy that looks at how color can adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony.   Humans need sunlight to live. The sun’s light is broken into seven distinct rays (colors), all necessary for health.  The energy of these colors is like the electromagnetic energy of radio and television waves.   Just like the transmitters and receptors of radio waves, humans are receiving and transmitting energy in the same way.  It appears we can emit the energy of a certain color by simply thinking about it.  Each color possesses frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration has characteristics related to different physical symptoms.


  • Activates the circulatory and nervous systems, improving impotence, poor circulation, and shock.
  • Helps bladder infections, colds, back pain, trouble with the legs or feet, and low blood pressure.
  • Wear or surround yourself with red if you feel un-grounded, depressed, or lack energy.
  • Try Benjamin Moore Vermilion 2002-10.


  • Helps address asthma and bronchitis.
  • Works on allergies, skin problems, constipation, spasms, cramps, and kidney problems.
  • Can also improve lactation for nursing mothers with milk supply issues.
  • Use orange if you feel repressed or inhibited in any way, or you lack sufficient energy.
  • Try Autumn Orange 2156-10.


  • Good for breathing problems, exhaustion, liver problems, gallstones, muscle cramps, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and hypothyroidism.
  • Improves food allergies, gas, and digestive disorders.
  • Beneficial in building strong bones as well.
  • Use yellow for depression, nervous disorders, and dispelling fears.
  • Try Concord Ivory HC-12.


  • Acts as a nerve relaxant.
  • Used for heart and lung problems, high blood pressure, breathing difficulty, compromised immune system, and fatigue.
  • Works to harmonize all levels of being, improve loneliness, reduce negativity and tension, soothe the nerves and spirit, and reduce anger and paranoia.
  • Promotes emotional stability, calms fear of death, and prevents insomnia.
  • Try Kiwi 544.


  • Blue lubricates joints & articulations.
  • Helps address infections, stress and nervous tension.
  • Blue stimulates muscle and skin cells, nerves and the circulatory system.
  • Use blue as color therapy if you have a sore throat, fever, ear infection, inflammation, burn, or other skin irritation.
  • Eases physical tiredness, mental exhaustion, and violent or hyperactive behavior.
  • Try Utah Sky 2065-40.


  • Indigo helps address eye inflammation, cataracts, glaucoma, ocular fatigue and nasal bleeds.
  • Soothes diarrhea, intestinal irritation, infections in the ears, eyes, or nose, and pain of any kind.
  • On emotional and mental levels, indigo promotes inspiration, reduces psychic exhaustion, and releases negative thought and behavior patterns.
  • Try Midnight Navy 2067-10.


  • Violet relaxes the nerves and lymphatic system.
  • Addresses inflammation, urinary illness, depression, migraines, baldness, dandruff, and neurotic behavior.
  • Should be used instead of red for high-strung people.
  • Try Gentle Violet 2071-20.

So the next time you find yourself really attracted to a color, there may be more to it than you think.  Your favorite colors may help you feel better in more ways than one!  For more ideas about using color in your home check out Benjamin Moore’s Color Gallery.  Another way to safeguard your health is to use eco-friendly paints like Benjamin Moore’s Aura, Regal and Ben.  These paints are all low VOC and low odor, so you can get those paint projects done without inhaling a bunch of paint fumes.

Key Takeaway:  Who knew?  Color may literally help you feel better!  The science of Chromotherapy looks at how your favorite colors can contribute to health and harmony.  Plus get some great color ideas from Benjamin Moore.

Meet ben – Benjamin Moore’s New Value Paint

Ben Image 2-resized-600Ben – Benjamin Moore’s Premium Performance Exceptional Value Paint

Benjamin Moore finally did it. In their new paint line introduction called Ben, they have brought to the market a paint that delivers premium performance at an exceptional value. Ben was created using the same technology and tinting system as their ultra premium line Aura. There is little dispute that Aura is arguably the best paint ever created and now you can get Ben which shares many similarities with Aura for much less. Ben is an eco-friendly paint with very low VOC emissions that was created for residential and commercial projects.  Ben dries fast, has very little odor, cleans up with soap and water and covers extremely well.  Ben also features superb touch up and spatter resistance. Ben can be made in any of the colors in the Benjamin Moore system and can also be tinted to match almost any other color you may have chosen from other brands.

Ben is also backed by the Green Promise which is Benjamin Moore’s assurance that its environmentally friendly coatings meet and often exceed the strictest industry standards, while also delivering premium levels of performance you expect from Benjamin Moore.

Ben is available in a flat finish, and eggshell (low luster) and a semi-gloss finish as well as a primer. I have had the pleasure of working with these new products from Benjamin Moore for over a year and having been in the paint business for over 40 years, I can say for certain that these new products are, by far, the best paint I have ever used. I am amazed that there is not a single color that I have used (including bright yellows and reds) that ever need more than two coats. Because I can always count on no more than two coats I know that Benjamin Moore really does offer the best value. (I remember the time I needed six coats of a red from another brand to get coverage and it still did not look right but that is another story.)

Try Ben, you will really like the savings and the performance!

The High Cost of Cheap Paint

C--Documents and Settings-pos.WESTLAKE-My Documents-LAURA-WEB-BABYPAINTING-resized-600We know you’re feeling it – rising fuel prices & an unstable economy are straining your budget. We feel it, too.  When it comes time to buy paint for your home, you might be tempted to look for the cheapest product out there.  But before you do that, consider what paint experts & professional contractors say about about getting the most value for your money.  In general, you get what you pay for.  So buy the highest quality interior paint you can afford.  Here’s why:

Coverage Matters.  Although almost any paint can look good once it’s up on the walls, the biggest factor separating budget brands & premium brands is the effort it takes to get it there in the first place.  That’s why some contractors pointedly refuse to use less expensive paints like those sold at big-box retailers.  The professionals say that in real-world situations, budget paints just don’t deliver the same covering ability as premium choices.  The result is that extra prep work & extra coats are often needed to achieve the same results.  So it’s important to weigh the extra time – and extra paint – an additional coat or two will require against the up-front savings.  This is especially true if you’re doing a big color change or painting a room in a deep, dramatic or bold color.

The pros agree – Benjamin Moore simply offer better coverage than budget paints.  Even better, Ben Moore’s Aura & Regal Select are self-priming, saving you additional time & money; and they are fast-drying, allowing you to recoat in 1 hour.  Do you want to spend Saturday morning painting your bedroom or do you want to spend all day Saturday & Sundaypainting your bedroom?

Think Durability.  High-quality paint is more colorfast, meaning it will stand up to repeated washings, won’t fade or yellow with age and will hold up to repeated washings.

Is it the right color?  How many of you have fallen in love with a color you saw in a magazine, bought a gallon of paint, got it up on the wall and then realized you can’t stand it?  It happens all the time.  The smart thing to do is to take sample chips home, hang them on the wall and look at them at different times of the day to see if you still like the color.  At Pucher’s, we offer 5×9 paint chips of any Ben Moore color that you can take home at no charge.  If you can’t decide between two colors, you can purchase pint-sized Color Samples of an Ben Moore color.  We also have color & design professionals on staff who can guide you on color trends, provide a second opinion or suggest a good paint contractor.

The bottom line – Buying Benjamin Moore paints from Pucher’s will save you a huge amount of time, money & headaches!  You can be sure that the colors you love will be up on your walls in no time and will look great for years to come – or until you change your mind ;)

2011 Color Trends

benmoore room image-resized-600There are some new trends in color direction for 2011 and also a revisiting of some color trends from the past few years. Here are six color groups we should be seeing this year.

Corals will be big this year, a nice compliment to some of the blues and greens that are currently being used. Corals can be great choices to perk up a bathroom or bedroom.

Yellows will still maintain their popularity but going a bit bolder and brighter than before. Think of Southwest colors with stronger golden yellows.

Greens have been popular for quite awhile and they will be staying for 2011 but a bit more yellow based than before. To get an idea think of the outdoors, as in leaves and moss. To get an idea check out Benjamin Moore’s color AF430 Wasabi.

Remember how popular the grays were in the early 90’s? They are starting to show up as a popular neutral but now with a warmer base, more taupe hues, and grays with a subtle violet undertone.

Speaking of violet, the purples will be out in full force for 2011 and beyond. Deep royal purples and purples with red and blue undertones will be in the forefront. Purples can be dramatic, take a look at the color of the year – Benjamin Moore’s Vintage Wine. It is the perfect compliment with today’s wood finishes and leathers. We liked Vintage Wine so much that we painted the ceiling of our Pucher’s store in North Royalton with breathtaking results.

Along with purples some blues will be showing up more this year. Heavy earthy blues like Benjamin Moore’s Buxton Blue and aqua based blues such as Azores from the Benjamin Moore Pottery Barn Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

If you would like to see these colors and receive a free Envision Color 2011 book stop into one of our stores and start planning!

New Advance Paint From Benjamin Moore

advanceAn oil based paint that cleans up with water and is Eco-friendly?

Now I have been in the Paint business for over 25 years and have been told by many paint manufacturers that each new product that comes along is the best thing since sliced bread.  A funny thing happened with this product called Advance from Benjamin Moore in the last 2 weeks.  I had two separate painters come in who told me that their customers insisted that they use Benjamin Moore paint on the job.  Both of them used the Advance for the first time and almost exactly to a word they both said, “I tried it because the customer requested it, but now they have tried it, they will be using Advance as often as possible in the future.”

What is Advance? Like its name, Advance is a brand new type of oil paint that is made of a cutting edge new resin that cleans up with soap and water and meets the strictest VOC safety requirements! Why are people raving about this product? Now, having used it myself, I can honestly say that I have rarely seen a paint level this well which means no brush marks. And the coverage – wow, this paint covers incredibly well. It cures to a beautiful smooth, hard and durable finish. There is almost no odor and because it is such a green paint, I do not have to concern myself about any damage to my lungs or liver.  Advance is available in unlimited colors and is non-yellowing, which means the whites stay whiter longer than with traditional oil paints.

As I am not a professional painter, I have been known to miss a few spots here and there.

For me, I was very, very happy to be able to go back over spots that were less than perfect and repaint them and still have the paint flow beautifully – even up to 15 minutes after I could still touch up. Amazing!

New Eco-Friendly Paints by Benjamin Moore

soulful_mudrm-resized-600Over the last few months we have had many customers come in requesting new, safer “green” paints.  So what is the truth behind “green” paint? Is it really any better or safer? The answer is a resounding yes, but it all depends upon which green paint you choose. Paints have always contained VOC particles. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These are the compounds that either evaporate into the air or off gas during the life of the paint film. VOC’s have been proven to be harmful and when inhaled are detrimental to the lungs and need to be detoxified by the liver and kidneys. Often VOC’s contribute to the smell of paint as well as allergic reactions. So how do you find a truly green paint that will not contribute to adversely affecting your health?

First, if you want to find a zero or very low VOC paint you must ask if the paint you are choosing contains any VOC’s AFTER the paint is tinted. Most manufactures produce low or zero VOC paints but the tint they put in them to obtain your color contains VOC’s. In fact in the United States there is only one brand of paint that can truly state that they produce a zero VOC paint and that is Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore has developed an new tinting system called Gennex. This is a patented tinting system that has no VOCs and has a major added benefit. Not only are Gennex tints far more healthy but when added to paint they produce the best covering paints ever produced and most of the paints in this line are either no-odor or very low odor – great for those folks who suffer from allergies and are sensitive.

AURAMATTE-resized-600Imagine a paint line that covers any other color in two coats guaranteed, has little to no odor, wears extremely well, washes up with soap and water AND a paint your lungs will love. It’s here and available now. Benjamin Moore has it. Want to know more about Benjamin Moore’s Gennex system?

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