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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Kitchen Remodel-jan32014blogThis time of the year is when people are making New Year’s resolutions. You probably have already made some of your own. Some of the most common ones deal with stopping smoking, dieting and getting a better job. Most people find they need a little help from someone else or a plan to accomplish these lifestyle changes.

You rapidly find that there is assistance for all of these lifestyle changes and quite a few different methods, tools and information that can see you through these kinds of resolutions. It is not real easy, all on your own, to make these very valuable changes, however, what can help is to find something for which you can be resolute about that will provide you with that ‘Quick Win’ you need to give you the confidence for making those other lifestyle changes.

With the assistance from one of our painting and decorating stores in Westlake, Berea or North Royalton you can make some New Year’s resolutions for your home. There are always things about your home, just as there are things about yourself, you would like to change. Now might be the best time to make a resolution that you can definitely keep with the help of home decorating professionals.

Some Recommendations For New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home

Take a close look at your home with the idea of making a short list of things to be resolute about. When you have seen a few of these things that just need attention, make that list in the form of a resolution and then visit one of our painting and decorating stores for the help we offer. A few New Year’s resolutions to get that list started:

  • ‘Make this room brighter’ – This room may be the kitchen, bathroom, living areas or, even better, the exercise room you will need for one of your other resolutions. This may mean different curtains, a brighter paint on the walls or ceilings or a new floor. The painting and decorating stores in Westlake, North Royalton and Berea have many selections of each category that will help you to make this resolution a reality.
  • ‘This floor needs to be more cleanable’ - It does not matter which floor you are talking about, a harder, more sanitary surface can be found. You may need a vinyl, laminate or ceramic tile floor installed.
  • ‘I need more organization here’ - Having a place for everything and everything definitely in that place is a good feeling going into the New Year. The painting and decorating stores in Westlake, North Royalton and Berea are in the best position to help you with this resolution. These interior decorating professionals will help you get on track with designs and storage options you might not have thought about.
  • ‘My bedroom needs some attention’ - You might want to be a little more specific than that, however, there is much that can be done in any bedroom. The top treatments, such as cascades, swags and valances, or the blinds and shades down through the bedding and accessories can all be coordinated with the right colors, tones and just the right flooring to bring the entire room into order and make that statement about who you are and what you want.
  • Begin a project that you have thought about but haven’t gotten around to. A room that is dormant and used, right now, as a storage area would be a good start. A spare bedroom, complete with the best flooring, draperies and furniture would have helped this last Holiday season.
  • Look for other projects and tasks around the house that can make it a welcoming place for the family, friends and, yes, the extended family as they come and visit. The bathroom might need to be tiled in order to make it more durable. A fresh coat of paint in the kitchen may be just what you need to transform that space.

With the help of our design professionals at our painting and decorating stores in Westlake, North Royalton and Berea you can rediscover what you loved about your home when you moved in. You can make or remake each and every room into the warm and loving space that it was and can be again.

A Last Few Ideas For New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home Could Be:

  • Learn to love your home again. This is the domicile that represents the largest investment most people make. It is the home that is the safe zone when you come home from work and when the kids are away from school. It is the place into which you welcome visitors and extend your hand of friendship and a warm meal. Since this is a very good resolution, the next one will help as well.
  • Buy a plant and locate it where everyone can see it and be comforted by it.