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New Eco-Friendly Paints by Benjamin Moore

soulful_mudrm-resized-600Over the last few months we have had many customers come in requesting new, safer “green” paints.  So what is the truth behind “green” paint? Is it really any better or safer? The answer is a resounding yes, but it all depends upon which green paint you choose. Paints have always contained VOC particles. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These are the compounds that either evaporate into the air or off gas during the life of the paint film. VOC’s have been proven to be harmful and when inhaled are detrimental to the lungs and need to be detoxified by the liver and kidneys. Often VOC’s contribute to the smell of paint as well as allergic reactions. So how do you find a truly green paint that will not contribute to adversely affecting your health?

First, if you want to find a zero or very low VOC paint you must ask if the paint you are choosing contains any VOC’s AFTER the paint is tinted. Most manufactures produce low or zero VOC paints but the tint they put in them to obtain your color contains VOC’s. In fact in the United States there is only one brand of paint that can truly state that they produce a zero VOC paint and that is Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore has developed an new tinting system called Gennex. This is a patented tinting system that has no VOCs and has a major added benefit. Not only are Gennex tints far more healthy but when added to paint they produce the best covering paints ever produced and most of the paints in this line are either no-odor or very low odor – great for those folks who suffer from allergies and are sensitive.

AURAMATTE-resized-600Imagine a paint line that covers any other color in two coats guaranteed, has little to no odor, wears extremely well, washes up with soap and water AND a paint your lungs will love. It’s here and available now. Benjamin Moore has it. Want to know more about Benjamin Moore’s Gennex system?

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